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Dr. Crist K. Cunico
624 E. Hanri de Tonti Blvd.
Springdale, AR 72762

Phone: (479) 361-1112

BACKGROUND:   I have practiced only the "Pierce Results" System since I graduated from Life College in 1980, first in N. California, and now in NW Arkansas.

EQUIPMENT:   Videofluoroscopy, DTG. Terminal Pierce Table, Sigma Smart Adjuster, X-ray

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   SpineMed Decompression for Lumbar and Cervical regions

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Dr. Kathy O'Connor
5 Keller Street
Petaluma, CA 94952
(San Francisco, CA-40 miles
Santa Rosa, CA 15miles)

Phone: (707) 778-1145
Fax: (707) 778-3506


BACKGROUND:   Graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport 1994, studied with Dr. Pierce from second semester until his death, use "Pierce-Results" System as it was taught without deleting any areas

EQUIPMENT:   Video F1uoroscopy, X-ray, DTG, Pulstar adjsting instrument, Drop table

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Extremity adusting, Logan basic

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Dr. Paul E. Heeren
2514 Boston Post Road, #7C
Guilford, CT 06437
(New Haven- 10 miles)

Phone: (203) 453-9888 Fax: (203) 453-0517


BACKGROUND:   Palmer graduate 1982, using "Pierce-Results" System since 1990. I studied with Drs. Pierce and Pettibon from 1991- 1993, and studied with Dr. Pettibon in 1996-97

EQUIPMENT:   Zenith tables with Pierce headpiece, DTG 25, Adjusting instruments, high frequency X-ray, Pierce X-ray analysis

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Pettibon, Palmer Package

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Jordan Cooper, D.C.
Cooper Chiropractic, a family welness practice
4350 Pablo Professional Ct. #110
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Phone: (904) 619-8229
Fax: (904) 329-2646



BACKGROUND:   Graduated from Life University in 2011. I was certified in my 5th quarter in school. I utilize the Results System exclusively.

Dr. Alan Creed
1427 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Phone: (305) 365-7988
Fax: (305) 365-7978


BACKGROUND:   Focuses on Dr. Pierce's adjusting technique. Dr. Creed is a specialist in spinal biomechanics and neurophysiology, chiropractic, acupuncture, and is board-eligible ib neurology. He has written manuals and presents national seminars on instrument adjusting. Dr. Creed is a post-graduate professor for continuing education with Texas Chiropractic College

EQUIPMENT:   DTG-25, Vibracussor, Precision adjuster, and Arthrostim

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Pierce spinal analysis, Chiropractic biophysics, Applied Kinesiology, Neurophysiology, Gonstead, Activator, SOT, Cox Flexion-Distraction, Atlas orthogonal, Thompson, Diversified, Merric system, Logan basic, Toftness, Total Body Modification, Light energy work, Meridian/acupuncture, Biochemical-nutrition, American Indian healing

Dr. Joseph P. Hornberger
1180 Beneva Road
South Sarasota, FL 34232
(Tampa, FL- 40 miles South)

Phone: (941) 366-2440
Fax: (941) 955-3336



BACKGROUND:   Studied with Dr. Pierce for 2 years before his death and have been mostly a Pierce practitioner sincw. I have a B.S. and M.S. degree in exercise physiology and extensive study in the area of nutrition

EQUIPMENT:   X-ray facility, Pierce anarysis system including rulers, Kinetic adjusting instrument, Drop tables

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Motion palpation, Activator, Thompson

Dr. M. K. Murphy
Health & Wellness Clinic
460 W. Central Parkway, Ste. 1000
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
(Orlando, FL-12 miles)

Phone: (407) 339-7676
Fax: (407) 339-0114


BACKGROUND:   I graduated in 1988 from PCC Davenport. After practicing in Dravosburg for 2 years with Dr. Pierce and relocating with him to Florida, I continue to expand my chiropractic practice at the Health & Wellness Clinic. Also, certified in whiplash injury and brain traumatology with Art Croft, DC, and CCST with Dan Murphy, DC. We offer advanced nutritional counseling

EQUIPMENT:   Video Fluoroscopy, 230 table, Precision adjuster, Myologic System, Decompression, Infrared Sauna, Erchonia Equipment: lasers-PL-5 and Derma Laser, Percussor, Adjuster, Footbaths - EB 305 and EB Pro

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Brimhall Wellness, SOT, Craniopathy, Torque Release Technique, Gonstead, Addictionology, Diversified, AK, NET, MUA, Auricular Therapy, Webster Technique, Nasal Specific Technique

Dr. F. Jay Seltzer
741 Maitland Avenue
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
(Orlando, FL- 12 miles)

Phone: (407) 831-3833
Fax: (407)831-6751


BACKGROUND:   I have practiced the Pierce System as my primary technique for the past 13 years. I have attended numerous Pierce seminars both in Pittsburgh and Altamonte Springs with marvelous, predictable results

EQUIPMENT:   DTG, Adjusting instruments, 230 table, Pierce x-ray analysis rulers, Occipital roll, Pressure technique

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Pettibon, Kale, TRT, Morter (Best), Full spine, Thompson, Gonstead, Applied Kinesiology, SOT

Steven Wyckoff, D.C.
Vitality Chiropractic and Wellness Center
3348 Tyrone Blvd.
St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Phone: (727) 382-7433
Fax: (727) 382-7434



BACKGROUND:   Dr. Wyckoff is a 1999 graduate of Life West College of Chiropractic. He was Certified in Pierce Technique while in school by Dr. Galgano, and recently purchased a VF.

EQUIPMENT:   VF and Standard X-Ray equipment. Ergostyle adjusting tables. Tytron thermography. Impact adjusting instrument.

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Have an accupuncturist and massage therapist on staff, and use the Cole laser, and Biomeredian.

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Nathan Berner, D.C.
Berner Family Chiropractic
3225 Shallowford Rd, Ste. 700
Marietta , GA 30062

Phone: (770) 726-9968



BACKGROUND:   Dr. Berner is a graduate of Life University. He was on the Pierce Executive Board for the Pierce Club at Life University. Helped teach system to students and takes all the fluoro/x-rays for seminars in the Atlanta area.

EQUIPMENT:   Digital X-Ray, Fluoroscopy. Zenith Model 60/230 adjusting table. Tytron and DTG thermography. VF adjuster

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Office uses Platinum paperless office system, semi-open adjusting.

Dr. Donald A. Capoferri
6316 Spalding Drive, Suite 1
Norcross, GA 30092
(Atlanta, GA - 15miles)

Phone: (770) 448-4742
Fax: (770) 448-4730


BACKGROUND:   Having been personally mentored by Dr. Pierce, Sr., I have been using the "Pierce-Results" System with great success for the past 31 years

EQUIPMENT:   Videofluoroscopy ( Motion X-ray), Sigma Instruments Ultra-align, Pierce 230 Adjusting table, Hill DT Decompression Table

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Only the "Pierce-Results" System

Dr. Carolyn Fish
Dr. Gary Fish

455 W. Crossville Road
Roswell, GA 30075
(Atlanta, GA- 5 miles)

Phone: (770) 518-7700
Fax: (770) 518-1030


BACKGROUND:   Dr. Gary participated in seminars beginning in 1980. Dr. Gary trained with Dr. Pierce, Sr. to teach his entry level classes before Verne's untimely death. Dr. Carolyn training with Dr. Pierce in 1989 and 1990

EQUIPMENT:   DTG, 230/60 model tables, Video fluoroscopy, Pierce x-ray analysis rulers, Adjusting instruments

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Activator, Extremity adjusting, Network
Dr. Caroryn is a Pediatric Fellow of the ICPA

Dr. Richard W. McCann, Jr.
2500 Old Alabama Rd, Ste. 19
Roswell, GA 30076
(Atlanta, GA- 15 miles)

Phone: (770) 587-2663
Fax: (770) 587-9110


BACKGROUND:   Graduated from Life University in 1995, certified in "Pierce-Results" System in 1994; utilized the System in my family practice since 1995

EQUIPMENT:   DTG, Variable frequency adjuster, Zenith drop table with Pierce key dimension headpiece, Pierce x-ray analysis rulers, X-rays

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Toggle (occasionally), Thompson, SOT, Activator

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Dr. Glen M. Batson
6837 Kingery Highway
Willowbrook, IL 60527
(Chicago, IL- 20miles)

Phone: (630) 323-1181
Fax: (630)323-1185


BACKGROUND:   1988 graduate of Palmer College, solo practice in Chicago suburbs utilizing Pierce technique, I formulated and co-lectured on the post graduate program on the Videofluoroscopy Certification Program at Palmer College

EQUIPMENT:   Continental Videofluoroscopy motion imaging, Zenith 230 Hi Lo with Pierce forward cervical, thoracic and lumbar drop pieces, VF adjusters, Kinetic adjusters, DTG 25, full Pierce analysis

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Extremity, Logan basic, Soft Tissue Manual Therapy, Thompson, Palmer package, Toggle Recoil, Lordex Lumbar Decompression Therapy

Dr. Frank M. Painter
Alternative Care Chiropractic
“The Doc on The Block”
309 Bluff Avenue #1W
La Grange, IL 60525
(We are 9 miles west of Chicago Loop)

Phone: (708) 352-8237


Our Website:

BACKGROUND:   PST practitioner since 1993. I attended 8 Pierce seminars while I was at Palmer College, as a member of the PST club. We assisted Dr. Pierce while operated the VF, calling the listings, and adjusting over 200 patients per seminar. I also attended the 4-day extended seminar at Sherman College's Research Center in 1993, and took Vern Jr.'s Pierce seminar at the 1995 Palmer Centennial Homecoming. I completed a 3-year post-graduate program in rehabilitation (from LACC) leading to Diplomate status.

I have also been a volunteer webmaster for the premier Chiropractic Resource Organization website since 1995. My office is opened 6 days a week.

EQUIPMENT:   Precision Adjuster, full-drop adjusting table.

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Pierce-Stillwagon, Thompson, McKenzie Technique for Disc Derangement, Logan Basic, Electro-acupuncture, Extremity adjusting, Nimmo (trigger points), and various stabilizing rehabilitation techniques. We do not use symptomatic “physical therapy” in this office

Dr. Adriana Zabrosky
3510 Hobson Road, Ste. 102
Woodridge,IL 60517
(Chicago, IL- 25 miles)

Phone (630) 515-0001
Fax (630) 515-0139


BACKGROUND:   Palmer graduate, all Pierce seminars, including week long seminar in Dravosburg, Palmer continuing Ed seminars, and PST advanced seminars. All were presented by Dr. Pierce between 1984 and 1987

EQUIPMENT:   DTG, Precision adjusting instrument, Pierce Hi Lo table with thoracic drop, all Pierce procedure instrumentation and analysis except for Video F1uoroscopy


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Dr. Franklin Burton
505 South Franklin Street
P.O. Box 424
Bloomfield, IN 47424
(Indianapolis, IN- 75 miles S.)

Phone: (812) 384-8025
Fax: (812) 384-8175

BACKGROUND:   Palmer Graduate, attended numerous "Pierce-Results" System seminars

EQUIPMENT:   X-ray, DTG, Precision spinal adjusting instruments, Digital VF adjuster, Zenith Hi-Lo tables with drop pieces

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Conservative diversified technique (Palmer Package)

Dr. Kenneth Guzik
403 West Temperance Street
Ellettsville, IN 47429
(Indianapolis, IN- 60 miles)

Phone: (812) 876-6847
Fax: (812) 876-8135


BACKGROUND:   Introduced to Dr. Pierce in 1977, long time Results chiropractic doctor. Occasionally conducts seminars based on Dr. Pierce's work. Sherman graduate

EQUIPMENT:   Titronic scanners, Video Fluoroscopy, Drop tables, Full service fitness center

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Pierce Results as primary adjusting system, Pettibon head weighting, Spinal rehab exercise, Footlever orthotic casting, Foot/knee adjusting protocols

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Dr. James Roeder
Chiropractic Wellness Center of Baltimore
8723 Belair Road
Baltimore, MD 21236

Phone: (410) 529-8010
Fax: (410) 529-8424



BACKGROUND:   Certified at, and graduated from Life University in Atlanta. I’ve had a practice in Baltimore for seven years and practice the Results System exclusively. I also assist James Galgano, D.C. in teaching the Results System to Life University students.

EQUIPMENT:   Video Fluoroscopy, Hard x-ray, DTG, Zenith hi/lo tables, Pierce Results x-ray analysis rulers.

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Logan Basic, Toggle Recoil

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Dr. Tim Burkhart
7101 Broadmoor Ave., SE
Caledonia, MI 49316
(Grand Rapids, MI- 5 miles)

Phone: (616) 698-0046
Fax: (616) 698-2188



BACKGROUND:   I have been working with the Results System since 1984. I worked with Dr. Pierce in my own office and at many of the seminars he taught. I also visited his clinic in Pennsylvania many times. I was the first chiropractor in Michigan to have a Video Fluoroscopy unit, as well as the computer adjusting instrument. I currently use two updated Smart adjuster computers

EQUIPMENT:   X-ray, computer adjustment device (Acuwave/Smart adjuster), 230 drop table, DTG

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Nutrition and Massage therapy

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Dr. Cindy Lanzara
Dr. Ronald Lanzara, Jr.

88 Broad Street
Nashua, NH 03064
(Boston, MA- 35 miles
anchester, NH- 20 miles)

Phone: (603) 889-3600
Fax: (603) 883-1448


BACKGROUND:   Learned the Pierce System from Dr. Pierce, sr. interned in his office for six months. We studied further with Dr. Vern Pierce, Jr. during a three-month externship

EQUIPMENT:   DT 25, VF adjusting instrument, Zenith 230 table with a Pierce headpiece (circumduction), Pierce x-ray analysis, including flexion extension studies

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Clinical nutrition, (Contact Reflex Analysis), Extremity adjusting, Massage therapy

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Dr. James Galgano
Dr. Antonietta Sorbara-Galgano

321 West Broad Street
Burlington, NJ 08016
(Philadelphia, PA- 20 miles)

Phone: (609) 747-1100
Fax: (609) 747-1106


BACKGROUND:   "Pierce-Results" club president for 4 years at Life University, teaching the system to students, and organizing seminars, and setting up certification exams. We practice only the Results System. Currently instructing the "Results System" at Life University to students several times per year

EQUIPMENT:   Digital Video Fluoroscopy, Hard x-ray, DTG, Sigma Smart Adjuster, Zenith 230 Hi Lo with 3-D headpiece, Pulstar Fras

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Upper cervical, Logan Basic

Dr. Ronald F. Heeren
1360 Rt. 22 West
P.O. Box 414
Lebanon, NJ 08833
(Newark, NJ- 30 miles W,
Allentown, PA- 30 miles E)

Phone: (908) 236-2260
Fax: (908) 236-8958

BACKGROUND:   Have studied the system since the mid 1980's through the early 1990's, including the courses which included Dr. Pettibon 's work

EQUIPMENT:   DTG, Arthrostim adjusting instrument, Zenith Pierce stationary drop table, Motion x-ray analysis, Pierce-Pettibon x-ray analysis

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Exercise ball muscle rehabilitation, A.S.B.£. certified for spinal biomechanics ligament rehab. Primarily uses Pierce system of adjusting

Eric Jaszewski, D.C.
Lawrence Family Chiropractic

2304 Brunswick Avenue
Lawrence Township, NJ 08648

Phone: (609) 393-1600
Fax: (609) 393-1601


BACKGROUND:   Graduated from Life University in 2008. Life U. PRS Club President for 4 years, from 2005-8. Worked for PRS seminars, lead instructor Dr. J. Galgano from 2008-2011. Been helping teach PRS seminars and administer PRS certification to students and doctors since 2005.

Dr. Dennis J. Keenan
51 W. Pleasant Avenue
Maywood, NJ 07607
(Hackensack, NJ- 1 mile
New York, NY- 5 miles)

Phone: (201) 845-0993
Fax: (201) 845-4974



BACKGROUND:   I attended my first "Pierce-Results" System seminar when I was in my first year at Sherman College, 1981, and have attended many more. Since I opened my practice, I have used the "Pierce-Results" System exclusively for 23 years

EQUIPMENT:   VF adjusters (3), Zenith adjusting tables (2) - both with Pierce key dimension headpiece, X-rays taken and developed in office, Pierce x-ray analysis rulers, Occipital rolls

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Adjusting the cervical spine with the VF adjuster from the posterior with patient in the flexed position is the best adjustment in chiropractic. We should show all our colleagues this adjustment. I also use the VF adjuster with a single prong to tap C-1 (left or right). I toggle C2 and adjust the pelvis as per Dr. Pierce

Dr. John Marinkovic
Dr. Pete Marinkovic
Dr. Steve Marinkovic

South 107 Farview Ave., #C
Paramus, NJ 07652
(New York City- 10 miles)

Phone: (201) 909-0502
Fax: (201) 909-0377


BACKGROUND:   All of us studied under Dr. Pugliese since 1994. We are Pierce purists

EQUIPMENT:   X-ray Video Fluoroscopy, Smart adjuster, DT-25, Pierce Precision Adjuster, Pierce Zenith 230 Hi Lo

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Logan, Toggle, Thompson (5-10% of the time)

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Dr. Joseph A. LaBarbera
2719 Genesee Street
Utica, NY 13501
(Syracuse, NY-40 miles)

Phone: (315) 724-0368
Fax: (315) 724-0374



BACKGROUND:   Studied PST while at Palmer College 1982 to 1985, interned a week with Dr. Pierce fall 1985, and used his work since. Taught PST club at Palmer and served as club president

EQUIPMENT:   Zenith 230, Titron C-3000, In house x-ray

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Knee - Chest (Kale), SOT, SOT cranial, Thompson, Extremities, Palmer package, and Logan basic

Dr. Avrum I. Musnik
8808 151st Avenue
Howard Beach, NY 11414
(New York City- 15 miles)

Phone: (718) 845-3721
Fax: (718) 848-8048


BACKGROUND:   Strict use of the Pierce Results System since 1976. 1 use the DTG, x-ray analysis, and manual instrument adjusting. I get great Pre/post x-rays and DTG readings. Teaching Pierce Results to chiropractors

EQUIPMENT:   DTG, X-ray analysis, with pre and post evaluations, drop tables, Precision Adjustor

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Upper Cervical Specific, Logan basic

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Dr. Dorothy B. Brolin
1300 SE Maynard Road, Ste. 202
Cary, NC 27511
(Raleigh, NC- 2 miles)

Phone: (919) 388-9595
Fax: (919) 388-9596



BACKGROUND:   Logan graduate with 13 years of experience in the Pierce technique. Also, incorporates activator extremity adjusting, and myofascial release trigger point therapy

EQUIPMENT:   DTG, Sigma instrument, activator instrument, traction table, x-ray machine, drop tables

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Activator, Myofascial release

Dr. Catherine Hoag
6521 Creedmoor Rd., Ste. 102
Raleigh, NC 27609

Phone: (919) 845-7279
Fax: (919) 845-7848



BACKGROUND:   Attended numerous Pierce System seminars, and interned with a Pierce System doctor with over 20 years experience. She has been practicing the Pierce System for 10 years

EQUIPMENT:   DTG, Pro-adjuster, Pierce drop table, Pierce x-ray analysis rulers

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Extremity adjusting - CCEP, CBP-extension traction, Trigger point soft tissue work

Dr. Stephen M. Saleeby
3814 Browning Place
Raleigh, NC 27609

Phone: (919) 782-4733
Fax: (919) 783-8225


BACKGROUND:   Trained through numerous seminars with Dr. Pierce from 1988-1993. Obtained Video Fluoroscopy certification through Palmer College. Taught Pierce System several years with Walter Pierce, Jr

EQUIPMENT:   DTG, Pierce Zenith tables, Video Fluoroscopy, Computerized adusting instruments, Pierce x-ray analysis rulers

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   (None listed)

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James N. Holden, D.C.
Holden Family Chiropractic
52171 National Road East
St. Clairsville, OH 43950

Phone: (740) 296-5622



BACKGROUND:   Dr. Holden is a graduate of Sherman College, and studied Pierce Technique with Drs. Westbrook, Keeler, and Reeder

EQUIPMENT:   High Frequency Digital Motion x-ray. Zenith 230 adjusting table. DTG-NE thermography. Impulse adjusting instrument.

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Eric O. Acri, Jr. D.C.
Acri Family Chiropractic Clinic
202 N. Frederick Street
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
(Harrisburg, PA- 1O miles)

Phone: (717) 691-8155
Fax: (717) 691-0370

BACKGROUND:   PST practitioner since 1985, attended many Pierce continuing education seminars, only practices Pierce work, open six days per week

EQUIPMENT:   X-ray, DTG, VF adjusting instrument, Pierce x-ray analysis rulers, Zenith Pierce table

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Extremity adjusting, Logan Basic

Adam R. Keeler, D.C.
Keeler Chiropractic
394 Floral Ave.
Chambersburg, PA 17201

Phone: (717) 496-9199
Fax: (888) 829-9139



BACKGROUND:   Dr. Keeler is a graduate of Sherman College and studied Pierce Technique under Drs. Robert Keeler and John Reeder.

EQUIPMENT:   Digital Videofloroscopy. Zenith 230 adjusting table. DTG-NE thermography. Precision Adjuster.

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   (None listed)

Dr. Robert A. Keeler
509 Mt. Joy Road
Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666
(Pittsburgh, PA- 25 miles SE)

Phone: (724) 547-3121
Fax: (724) 547-5461


BACKGROUND:   Only the Pierce system for 26 years

EQUIPMENT:   Visualizer, DTG, Kinetic adjusting instrument

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   (None listed)

Dr. Walter V. Pierce, Jr.

Phone: (412) 735-0769

BACKGROUND:   Currently not practicing, but the phone is listed for information and consultation purposes.

Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1989, practicing Pierce System since that time. Has instructed several Results seminars

Dr. David A. Smolensky
129 Grand Avenue
P.O. Box 1138
Mars, PA 16046
(Pittsburgh, PA-20 miles)

Phone: (724) 625-3711
Fax: (724) 625-3099

BACKGROUND:   I am certified in Video Fluoroscopy. I worked closely with Dr. Pierce for the last 5 years of his life. Dr. Lippert is a Sherman graduate

EQUIPMENT:   X-ray, adjusting table with 3-D headpiece, Pierce x-ray analysis rulers, Precision adjuster, Pro Adjuster, Smart adjuster

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   HIO, Activator, Toftness

Dr. James M. Wehner
1738 N. Highland Rd., Ste. 106
Pittsburgh, PA 15241
(South Hills)

Phone: (412) 833-9090

BACKGROUND:   Worked with Dr. Pierce in his office in Dravosburg, PA from 1982 to 1987, and practice the Pierce System exclusively. Teach upper cervical technique to Japanese chiropractors

EQUIPMENT:   X-ray machine, DTG, Zenith 230 tables, Side posture tables

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Upper cervical side posture toggle, extremity adjusting, Logan basic

Dr. Ralph L. Weinhold
535 Farmview Lane
Mount Joy, PA 17552
(Harrisburg, PA- 20 miles) Phone

Phone: (717) 653-4861
Fax: (717) 653-6851


BACKGROUND:   Trained in "Pierce-Results" System at Palmer College and interned with Dr. Larry Wilkins, Mt. Pleasant, PA, and Dr. Robert Garber, Dravosburg, PA

EQUIPMENT:   Pulstar FRAS, Zenith 230 table, Video Fluoroscopy machine, Spinal decompression table

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Thompson, Lumbar Flexion Distraction, Atlas Toggle, Biocranial Therapy (cranial adjusting)

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Dr. James G. Bedenbaugh
Bedenbaugh Chiropractic Clinic
212 S. Granard Street
Gaffney, SC 29341 (Spartanburg, SC- 20 miles)

Phone: (864) 487-7194
Fax: (864) 487-0180


BACKGROUND:   Graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic "Pioneer Class of '76". Charter member of We Care Chiropractic Clinics Association. Practicing Pierce system for 29 years, uses Pettibon rehabilitation procedures

EQUIPMENT:   Pro-adjuster computer system of analysis, Video Fluoroscopy, surface EMG, DTG, Pettibon instruments


Dr. Robert Iannace
1357 Bacons Bridge Road
Summerville, SC 29485
(Charleston, SC- 20miles)

Phone: (843) 851-0747
Fax: (843) 851-0746


BACKGROUND:   My first seminar with Dr. Pierce was in Spartanburg in Maarch of 1981. I have been a Pierce System practitioner ever since

EQUIPMENT:   DTG, Computer Adjusting instrument, Adjusting tables, X-ray machine, Pierce x-ray analysis rulers

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   (None listed)

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Dr. Glen R. Burford
346 New Byhalia #3
Collierville, TN 38017
(Memphis, TN- 15 miles)

Phone: (901) 853-1734
Fax: (901) 854-1166


BACKGROUND:   Practicing Pierce method since 1986 in Collierville, TN. Personally trained under Dr. Pierce in 1985 at his Dravosburg clinic

EQUIPMENT:   Zenith 230 Hi-Lo with 3-D headpiece and pelvic drop, Pierce x-ray analysis with pre and post x-rays

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Physical therapy rehabilitation, Lordex spinal decompression

Josh Gilmer, D.C.
Parkway Chiropractic
208 Parkway Blvd.
Elizabethton, TN 37643

Phone: (423) 542-3777



BACKGROUND:   Studied the RESULTS system under Robert Keeler, DC, John Reeder, DC, and Michael Westbrook, DC.

EQUIPMENT:   Zenith Model 60 adjusting table. OEC 9400 Motion X-Ray system. DTG - DT25 with DTGne software for thermography.

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   (none mentioned)

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Dr. Ryan N. Osborne
Osborne Family Chiropractic

1208 N. IH-35, Ste. W
Round Rock, TX 78681
(Austin, TX - 15 miles)

Phone: (512) 255-9711
Fax: (512) 255-6545



BACKGROUND:   Parker College of Chiropractic graduate. I have practiced Pierce Results Method since 2003. I am energetic and committed to Results!

EQUIPMENT:   Zenith hi-lo and stationary tables with Pierce 3-D headpiece, DT-25, Pierce X-ray analysis, X-ray, Philosophy, cold laser.

OTHER TECHNIQUES:   Activator, Extremity adjusting, Logan Basic, Toggle Recoil, Standard Process nutrition

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