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Table 2

Specifications of Accelerometry Data Acquisition System.

Accelerometers (3)DataTron 4507 accelerometer Bruel & Kjaer, Naerum, Denmark Resonance
Frequency: 19 kHZ
Sampling Rate: 320,000 Hz
Samples to Read: 70,000
Sensing Element: Piezoelectric, Type PZ23
Outer Case: Titanium ASTM Grade 2
Resonated at natural frequency of cavitations. Three accelerometers allowed (through use of an algorithm) for localization of cavitations to specific Z joint segmental level (example, L3/L4 Z joint)
AmplifiersNexus Conditioning Amplifier, Model 2693 Bruel & Kjaer, Naerum, DenmarkAmplify signal from accelerometers. The amplifier was able to accommodate up to 4 accelerometers.
Data Processing UnitPXie 6356 National Instruments, Austin, TexasProcessing of signals from amplifier to PC laptop computer
Lab View SoftwareNational Instruments, Austin, Texas 32 bit processingReal time oscilloscope, simultaneous plotting and recording from 3 accelerometers. Allowed almost infinite variety of options (through additional programming) to plot and analyze accelerometry data.
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