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Table 1

Return to:   Relationship between Biomechanical Characteristics of Spinal Manipulation
and Neural Responses in an Animal Model

Distribution of classification characteristics.

MuscleCOHORT (based upon thrust amplitude)
1 mm2 mm3 mm25% BW55% BW85% BWTotal
Body weight mean (N) (SD)38.3 (5.5)39.1 (8.4)39.2 (9.2)47.5 (9.2)40.6 (6.9)32.0 (5.3)38.9 (8.3)
Receptive field location (n)Long. Multifidus1617159161992
Tested & responded to succinylcholine (n)202020122020112
Tested & responded to vibration (n)151920111920104
Tested & responded to twitch (n)14191911191899
Long.: Longissimus; N: Newtons, SD: standard deviation, BW: body weight, n: number of occurrences.