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Table 2

Risk of Injury within 7 Days of Office Visit

Hazard Ratio95% CI
Chiropractic (vs. Primary Care)0.24 †0.23–0.25

Age Category (vs. 66–69)
70–741.19 †1.13–1.26
75–791.63 †1.55–1.71
80–842.15 †2.05–2.26
85–992.99 †2.85–3.13

Male Gender (vs. Female)0.9 †0.87–0.93

Race (vs. White)
Black0.46 †0.43–0.49
Other Race0.68 †0.64–0.73

Charlson Co-morbidity Score1.09 †1.09–1.10

Chronic Conditions
Bone Neoplasm – head, spine, pelvis or ribcage2.42 †1.58–3.72
Coagulation defect1.28 †1.13–1.46
Occlusion and stenosis of precerebral artery0.980.90–1.08
Inflammatory spondylopathy1.23 †1.07–1.41
Osteoporosis1.46 †1.39–1.54
Intervertebral disc disorder with myelopathy0.820.64–1.04
Aortic aneurysm and dissection1.15 †1.01–1.30
Cauda equina syndrome1.010.66–1.53
Long-term use of anticoagulant therapy1.31 †1.19–1.44
= statistically significant association (p<.05)
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