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Table 1

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of Patients with Nonspecific Neck Pain

Brain metabolic changes associated with the spinal manipulation therapy intervention.

Anatomical regionCoordinates x, y, and z (mm)Brodmann areaCluster equiv.Voxel Z score
 Broca's area−34, 6, 28441105.84
 ACC2, 8, 40322285.72
 SSAC16, −26, 4851145.65
 Wernicke's area46, −48, 2022305.52
 VAC−6, −88, 3819315.32
 CV6, −62, −4145.28
 VC (V2)24, −80, 618175.24
 IPL−40, −40, 3439/402866.74
 FP−2, 68, −8101606.66
 IFG PT40, 28, 16451176.53
 PSMA30, 14, 4463486.34
 PMC (M1)−28, −18, 564456.12
 FEF/dl-PFC−30, 12, 448/91575.93
 dl-PFC−38, 26, 24463095.70
 AG/FG−40, −60, 839/371775.58
 ITG−70, −22, −2020205.66
 TP40, 22, −4438125.64
 CV (V1)−14, −66, 2417465.29
Brain metabolic changes detected by SPM8 are presented (voxel height threshold p < 0.05 with corrections for multiple comparisons, extent threshold 10 voxels minimum). The statistical significance of regional metabolic changes is given as Z scores [(Meantreatment − Meancontrol)/SDcontrol].

ACC, anterior cingulate cortex; SSAC, somatosensory association cortex; VAC, visual association cortex; CV, cerebellar vermis; VC, visual cortex; IPL, inferior parietal lobule; FP, frontal pole; IFG, inferior frontal gyrus; PT, pars triangularis; PSMA, premotor area/supplementary motor area; PMC, primary motor cortex; FEF, frontal eye field; dl-PFC, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex; AG, angular gyrus; FC, fusiform gyrus; ITG, inferior temporal gyrus; TP, temporal pole.