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Table 1

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in General Practice

Patient characteristics of the study population at baseline (n = 187).

n (%)Mean age in years (SD)
 Female119 (64)38.2 (13.3)
 Male68 (36)43.2 (14.9)

 Yes148 (79)

Had previous episodes of acute neck pain118 (63)

Underwent previous treatment for neck pain74 (40)

Duration of acute neck pain shorter than 2 weeks79 (42)

Neck pain accompanied by headache117 (63)

On sick leave due to neck pain53 (28)

Self-reported cause of neck pain
 Spontaneously/unknown70 (37)
 Due to a motor vehicle accident42 (22)
 After a fall or hitting the head13 (7)
 Noticed after waking up32 (17)
 Sudden onset12 (6)
 Stress10 (5)
 Work related8 (4)