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Table 2

Mean values or percentages of variables that differed significantly in the motor vehicle accident sub-group compared with the remaining cohort at baseline (n = 187).

VariableMVA sub-group (n = 42)Remaining cohort (n = 145)P-value
Mean age, years34.841.50.007

On sick leave, %36260.037

Had previous neck pain periods, %45650.015

Duration of neck pain <2 weeks, %58440.185a

Additional headache, %86560.001

Pain in the upper part of the neck, %41460.120a

Mean score on the NRS6.36.50.520a

Severe acute onset of the pain, %42570.758a

Mean NDI total score16.613.70.018
anon-significant. MVA = motor vehicle accident. NDI = neck disability index. NRS = numerical pain-rating scale.
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