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Table 2.

BMI, bag weight and percentage bag to body weight by grade, one-way ANOVA analysis.

VariableGradeMeanCIStandard deviationp-value
Bag weight (kg)Grade 54.54.4–4.61.6<0.01**
Grade 64.54.4–4.61.9
Grade 76.96.7–7.12.0
Grade 86.76.5–7.02.0
Grade 96.86.6–7.02.5
Percentage bag to body weightGrade 513.913.5–14.26.0<0.01**
Grade 613.112.8–13.56.2
Grade 716.716.1–17.36.3
Grade 814.513.8–15.06.7
Grade 912.912.4–13.45.5
ANOVA: analysis of variance
BMI: body mass index
CI: confidence interval.