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Low Back Pain and Health Status Variables at Baseline: UCLA Low Back Pain Study, 1995–2000

Sample (n = 681)
Duration of back pain episode, %
    < 3 wk26.1
    3 wk–3 mo15.6
    3 mo–1 y11.6
    > 1 y46.7
Roland–Morris disability score(0–24 scale)
    ≤ 5, %17.5
    6–10, %31.6
    11–15, %27.9
    > 15, %23.1
    Mean (SD)10.9 (5.4)
Most severe low back pain in past week (0–10 scale)
    Mean (SD)6.7 (2.1)
Average low back pain in past week (0–10 scale)
    Mean (SD)4.6 (1.9)
Days with restricted activity owing to low back pain in past month
    Mean (SD)6.9 (8.0)
    At least 1, %76.9
History of low back pain episodes, %
SF-36 physical functioning score
    Mean (SD)62.2 (24.6)
SF-36 role limitations score: physical problems
    Mean (SD)41.3 (40.1)
SF-36 role limitations score: emotional problems
    Mean (SD)70.0 (39.2)
SF-36 mental health index score
    Mean (SD)71.2 (16.6)
SF-36 general health perceptions score
    Mean (SD)67.8 (18.0)
Note. Roland–Morris = Roland–Morris Low Back Disability Questionnaire; SF-36 = Medical Outcomes Study 36-Item Short-Form Health Survey.