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Table 5

Treatment plans used in Functional Neurology according to four sources in a scoping review

Sources of informationCondition(s)Initial careMaintenance care
ArticlesPedro (2005) [41]Landau Kleffner syndromeDaily visits, 4.5 h per week, for 12 weeks
Beck (2009) [42]Complex regional pain syndrome1 to 2 visits per week for 8 weeks, plus 1 visit each 2 week for 1 month, plus home exercises
Kuhn (2013) [44]Migraines, ADHD, OCD and, Tourette’s syndrome42 visits over 19 weeks
Hirsh (2013) [46]ADHD, primary nocturnal enuresis, and musculoskeletal pain36 visits over 18 weeks, plus daily home exercises
Bova (2014) [45]Parkinson’s disease2 visits per week for 2 months, plus home exercisesAfter the initial care (i.e. 2 months), the frequency of 2 visits per week was maintained (for at least 8 months).
Bova (2014) [40]Idiopathic hemiparesthesia3 visits in 2 weeks
Traster (2014) [47]Symptoms related to traumatic brain injuryApproximately 2 to 3 visits per week for 3 months

WebsitesWebsite 1In generalIndividualized
Usually, several times per day with an average of 3 times of 1.5 h each, for 1 to 2 weeks
Website 4In generalIndividualized
Usually, 2 times per week for 6 weeks, plus home exercises
Complex conditions (type of conditions was not specified)3 to 5 times per day for up to 5 consecutive days
Website 5In generalIndividualized
Usually, 1 to 3 times per week for few weeks, plus home exercises
This frequency is usually decreased over 2 to 4 months
Patient is often requested to do home exercises.
Complex conditions (e.g. severe brain injuries, and advanced degenerative diseases)Several visits per day for 1 to 2 weeks

InterviewsInformant 1In generalIndividualized
Usually 2 to 3 visits close in time, plus home exercises
If good results are obtained, treatment is continued, more spaced in time.
Daily visits or, 2 to 3 visits per week, may be needed, for 2 to 3 weeks.
Complex conditions (unspecified)
Informant 2Moderate neurodevelopmental disordersIndividualized
Usually, 1 to 2 visits per week for a few weeks, plus daily home exercises for about 10 min per day
This frequency is usually progressively decreased
Severe neurodevelopmental disordersVisits are more frequent than for the moderate form.
Informant 4In generalIndividualized Usually, 3 to 4 times (about 20 min each) per day for 2 to 3 weeks or 2 times per week for 3 to 4 months
Parkinson’s diseaseSeveral visits per day for 3 consecutive days for 1 weekPatient is seen 3 to 4 times per year for the same treatment plan.
ADHD Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder

OCD Obsessive compulsive disorder