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Clinically–related texts

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[Somatovisceral Aspects of Chiropractic]

Somatovisceral Aspects of Chiropractic: An Evidence-Based Approach (Hardcover)

by Charles S. Masarsky

This book provides a wealth of clinical and scientific evidence on the whole-body implications of chiropractic care. The application of this evidence to practical aspects of clinical assessment, patient education and risk management will prove invaluable to students and practitioners alike. In this unique volume, bioclinical research and chiropractic philosophy are considered in relation to each other, not in opposition to each other.

[Illustrated Essentials of Orthopedic Physical Assessment]

Illustrated Essentials in Orthopedic Physical Assessment (Hardcover)

by Ronald C. Evans

This excellent resource serves as a guide to the specific tests used in orthopedic physical assessment, with a basic introduction, quick-reference indexes to the different tests, and a compilation of tests grouped by body region. Each testing procedure opens to a two-page spread so that all information is within easy reach. The updated second edition features more than twice as many high-quality illustrations, more information on disease assessment, and "Orthopedic Gamuts" -- tables of condensed information that serve as quick-reference tools. Chapters also include essential anatomy, motion assessment, muscle function, and imaging elements.

[Differential Diagnosis for the Chiropractor]

Differential Diagnosis and Management for the Chiropractor, Third Edition: Protocols and Algorithms (Hardcover)

by Thomas Souza

Chiropractors are recognized specialists in spinal pain. But today, as chiropractors move increasingly into primary care roles, it's not uncommon to see patients with coughs, fever, abdominal pain, and dozens of other nonmusculoskeletal symptoms. Differential Diagnosis for the Chiropractor covers the range of complaints commonly seen in daily practice--including neurologic, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, cardiopulmonary, and many other concerns and conditions. With easy-to-follow algorithms and concise explanatory text, this timely handbook helps the practitioner evaluate a patient's complaint in the context of a chiropractor's scope of practice.

[Merck Manual]

The Merck Manual 18th Edition (Hardcover)

by Mark H. Beers

This is serious stuff. The most widely used medical text in the world and the hypochondriac's bible, the Merck has the lowdown on the vast expanse of human diseases, disorders and injuries, as well as their symptoms and recommended therapy. It's intended for physicians and medical students, but though the type is tiny and the language technical, the Merck's a valuable volume for anyone with more than a passing interest in bodily ills.

[Chiropractic Approach to Head

Chiropractic Approach to Head Pain (Hardcover)

by Darrell Curl

Social, physical, emotional, and environmental stresses cannot fully explain the phenomenon of head pain.   Eighteen contributions from Australia, England, Canada, and the US synthesize current principles, patient models, and musculoskeletal integrative treatment rationales and techniques into a generic model of head pain management.   Among the topics: posture, classification of headaches, nutrition, diagnostic imaging, medications and chemicals, craniofacial orthopedics, and an overview of cranial manipulation.

[Nutrition Applied to Injury Rehabilitation and
Sports Medicine]

Nutrition Applied to Injury Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine (Hardcover)

by Luke R. Bucci

An in-depth text which combines the present knowledge of dietary supplements and injury rehabilitation into one source.   The goal of the text is to support the rational use of specific nutrients for specific healing conditions, as indicated by research.  Guidelines for nutritional programs applied to specific conditions are provided, allowing practical application of the enormous amount of research to be incorporated in practice

[Chiropractic Management of
Spine Related Disorders]

Chiropractic Management of Spine Related Disorders (Hardcover)

by Meridel I. Gatterman

FROM: from Danville, IL
Excellent resource for practitioners and students I bought this book while in school, and found it to be the best resource for most of my core classes.   It covers EVERYTHING about the practice of Chiropractic: Radiology (positioning and analysis), examination, adjusting (different techniques are covered).   A MUST have for ANY medical library. A CORE peice for EVERY Chiropractic library.

[Textbook of Clinical Chiropractic : A Specific Biomechanical Approach]

Textbook of Clinical Chiropractic: A Specific Biomechanical Approach (Hardcover)

by Gregory Plaugher

...contains unique coverage of chiropractic management of spinal fractures and dislocations along with three dimensional overlays superimposed on illustrations to aid in the visualization of spatial orientation.

[Clinical Anatomy and Management of Cervical
Spine Pain]

Clinical Anatomy and Management of Cervical Spine Pain (Paperback)

by Lynton Giles

Contributions from anatomy, pathology, biomechanics, clinical medicine, neurosurgery, chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy highlight the value of a team approach to appreciating the complexity of neck pain and a range of treatment approaches. Section one provides an overview of the neuroanatomy of the cervical spine. Section two details the clinical anatomy, pathology and biomechanics of the cervical spine. Section three covers diagnosis and management.

[Orthopedic Physical Assessment]

Orthopedic Physical Assessment Enhanced Edition (Hardcover)

by David J. Magee

This text provides a systematic approach to orthopedic assessment and understanding of the reason for the various aspects of the assessment.   It takes reader through history, observationand examination of each joint of the body

The Upper Cervical Syndrome: Chiropractic Diagnosis & Treatment (Hardcover)

by Howard Vernon

Much of the material in this text grew out of the Upper Cervical Spine Conference conducted in Toronto, January 25-26, 1986.   Focus is on functional derangements of the vertebral column and their effects, rather than on pathological afflictions or congenital anomalies.   Topics include normal anatomy and physiology of the upper cervical spine, applied pathomechanics and clinical management, and specialized clinical topics such as headache diagnosis, equilibrium disorders, and vertebral artery syndrome.   Many tables, illustrations, and references.

If you use this box to shop, we will receive a small commission
on any purchase you make. Support Chiropractic and the Org!


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