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Chiropractic Guidelines
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Chiropractic Guidelines

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[Instant Access to Chiropractic Guidelines]

Instant Access to Chiropractic Guidelines and Protocols" was conceived out of frustration over the lack of easy to follow concise practice guidelines available to the practicing doctor of chiropractic and the chiropractic student and intern. This book covers a wide range of relevant information on musculoskeletal conditions and related internal disorders including diagnostic criteria, treatment goals, management protocols and guidelines, nutritional and natural medicine protocols, active rehabilitation, home care, referral guidelines, outcome assessment, and more.

[Best Practices in Clinical Chiropractic]

Articles from five years of the journal offer a clinical approach to topics such as record keeping, history taking, evaluating soft tissue pain, and deciding how much care is needed. Chapters are grouped in sections on primary care, optimizing practice, and special issues, with material on areas including boundary issues, headache management, and differentiating mechanical pain from visceral pain. Includes lists of Internet resources. Mootz is associate medical director for chiropractic for the State of Washington Department of Labor and Industries in Olympia, Washington. Vernon is associate dean of research and director of the Center for the Study of Spinal Health at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.

[Documenting Physical Therapy]

* Comprehensive overview of documentation in physical therapy for the purpose of justifying treatment strategies and avoiding claim denials *Case studies illustrate acceptable and unacceptable documentation practices

*Provides suggestions to improve documentation Documenting Physical Therapy provides practitioners with the tools necessary to make documentation a successful and beneficial part of clinical practice. Using the reviewer's perspective, emphasis is placed on documenting components that are essential for coverage determinations.

[Chiropractic Technologies]

Articles from issues of published over the past five years look at evidence-based practice issues and address the need for critical appraisal and accountability in health care delivery. A thorough analysis of technology assessment is offered, along with a resource list of government, association, periodical, database, and server sources. Clinical decision making and decision analysis are covered, and a chapter is devoted to assessment of the cervical spine. Includes b&w photos demonstrating techniques. Mootz is associate medical director for chiropractic for the State of Washington Department of Labor and Industries in Olympia, Washington.

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