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Chiropractic History

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[Chiropractic: History and Evolution of a New Profession]

Walter I. Wardwell, PhD. (Prof. Emeritus, Dept of Sociology, Univ. of Connecticut, Storrs) chronicles the history of chiropractic, its principles & philosophy, & its scientific, educational, & ethical basis.

[Chiropractic in America]

In the century since D.D. Palmer made his "First Adjustment" in 1895, chiropractic has grown to become the second largest health profession in America (after medical doctors), and the most widespread drugless therapy in the world. In Chiropractic in America, J. Stuart Moore has written the first book to place this unorthodox medical movement in its proper historical setting, examining its relation to other sects, to religious beliefs, and to orthodox medicine. Moore offers new interpretations of chiropractic's central schisms - disagreements between so-called "straights" and "mixers," as well as conflicts between D.D. Palmer and his son B.J. - and of the effects of nineteenth-century professionalization on the fledgling movement. This book draws on previously unpublished archival materials.

[A Profession of One's Own]

Originating as her dissertation, chronicles the historical clash between conventional and chiropractic medicine in evolving stages: the latter viewed by the medical establishment as outrage (1908-24), irritant (1925- 1960), enemy (1961-76), and currently, as unlikely ally in health care reform. Methodological notes supporting her thesis of increasing acceptance of chiropractors as reflected in mainstream medical publications are appended.

[Medicine, Monopolies, and Malice]

As young Dr. Chet Wilk struggled to establish himself in his chiropractic practice, he found himself encountering unexpected obstacles from a surprising array of sources - local hospitals, medical doctors, even his parish priest. Soon he also began to notice the publication of article after article condemning and belittling his profession, the enactment of unfriendly state legislation, and bitter battles over insurance coverage for chiropractic services. At first, he blamed all these events on simple lack of knowledge about chiropractic. Then he began to suspect that something more sinister was at work, and he set about to uncover the truth. What he ultimately found shocked him: a deliberate conspiracy, led by the American Medical Association, to destroy the chiropractic profession. At first disbelieving, then outraged, he was determined that someone had to do something to stop it. Find out how.

If you use this box to shop, we will receive a small commission
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