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Network Marketing

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Unleashing the Ideavirus

by Seth Godin

NEW!!! Picking up where "Permission Marketing" left off, "Unleashing the Ideavirus" explains how ideas, like viruses, can become contagious--only beneficially so, spreading from customer to customer, instead of from business to customer. By creating an information environment that allows ideas to thrive and spread, marketers can produce "ideaviruses" that, in effect, do much of their work for them. "The future belongs to marketers who establish a foundation and process where interested people can market to each other," he writes. "Ignite consumer networks and then get out of the way and let them talk."

[Permission Marketing] Seth Godin, one of the world's foremost online promoters, offers his best advice for advertising in Permission Marketing. Godin argues that businesses can no longer rely solely on traditional forms of "interruption advertising" in magazines, mailings, or radio and television commercials. He writes that today consumers are bombarded by marketing messages almost everywhere they go. If you want to grab someone's attention, you first need to get his or her permission with some kind of bait--a free sample, a big discount, a contest, an 800 number, or even just an opinion survey. Once a customer volunteers his or her time, you're on your way to establishing a long-term relationship and making a sale. "By talking only to volunteers, Permission Marketing guarantees that consumers pay more attention to the marketing message," he writes. "It serves both customers and marketers in a symbiotic exchange."

[Personal Coaching] For over 25 years, Lou Tice has been in the business of teaching people how to succeed. In this book, he gives readers the inside information they need to mentor and inspire those around them.

[Smart Talk] Mr. Tice and his Pacific Institute have done extensive research and have many years of experience in helping people discover their potential for success while helping them realize that potential. You will discover how and why your mind works as it does, and why you, seemingly at times, make choices that undermine your success, while other times your choices help you succeed. Lou gives you exercises that will help you discover where your limitations come from but, most importantly, how to correct or overcome them and turn on your potential for success. This book teaches how to become a positive, motivated individual, with a possibility of unlimited success through the use of goal-setting techniques.

[Future Choice] I received this book in the mail today and within 2 hours I learned more about network marketing than I have in the last three years. This book was wonderfully informative. I got some great ideas that I can't wait to put to work for my business.

Anyone considering a career in network marketing, should read this book first, it really put the industry in a clear perspective.

[GUERRILLA MARKETING] This is an absolutely great book on online marketing, arguably even better than the many previous Guerilla Marketing books. If you follow the advice in this book, you stand a good chance of becoming one of the leaders of online commerce. I will even admit that while reviewing this book, I realized that there was something very simple that Books could do that we hadn't been doing, and in five minutes, I was able to help leverage an existing feature of our company in an entirely new way that may further strengthen our online identity. And, for a marketing book, there can hardly be any stronger recommendation.

[Street-Smart Network Marketing] Robert Butwin successfully taught himself the ropes of network marketing the hard way. He gradually developed the methodology that led him to become one of the most successful multilevel distributors today. Now he shares the secrets of building a successful network marketing organization while avoiding the pitfalls that cost him both time and money.

[Being the Best You Can Be in MLM] After reading this book, I not only learned the nuts and bolts of network marketing, but found a man with a heart for network marketers. The first few chapters dealing with purpose, changed my life. I'm proud to say I have the privilage to work with him in his Nikken downline. With network marketing on the increase, this book is a "must read".

[17 Secrets of the Master Prospectors] It is easy to see why one of the leaders in my MLM told us this was a must read, I just didn't appreciate how right he was until I had read it. This is 1 of the 2 most powerful books to impact my MLM life. (the other, John Fogg's, The Greatest Networker in the World) This book truely is a daily, step-by-step bible for you to succeed in MLM. You will keep it by your side and return to it again and again. You will develop a powerful, positive response to anyone who asks you what you do for a living. Follow the action steps at the end of each chapter and you can't fail. This book is my gift to every new person I sponsor into my organization.

3 : The New Era in Network Marketing] Fueled by new technology and innovative marketing ideas, cutting-edge network marketing companies have set out to change the way North Americans live and work. The ideas are revolutionary. Poe tells readers what they need to know about network marketing, and how to get started on this exciting path toward financial independence.

4 : Network Marketing in the 21st Century] From the moment it was released in 1994, Richard Poe's Wave 3 was an instant classic. The book that foretold the network marketing revolution went on to become a bestseller of legendary proportions. Now, the award-winning journalist and New York Times-bestselling author returns with his long-awaited follow-up. In Wave 4, he reveals the next and most spectacular phase of network marketing--the coming transformation of this $90-billion industry by the power of 21st-century technology. Instant communication and a wired world are making it more possible than ever to offer network marketing's opportunities to an almost limitless number of people. Wave 4 also profiles the industry's emerging stars and their organizations, introduces ordinary men and women who are achieving success beyond their wildest dreams, and describes why blue-chip corporations are turning to network marketing to boost their profits.

[Who moved my cheese?] From one of the world's most recognized experts on management comes a charming parable filled with insights designed to help readers manage change quickly and prevail in changing times. The coauthor of the multimillion bestseller The One Minute Manager has written a deceptively simple story with a dramatically important message that can radically alter the way we cope with change. "Who Moved My Cheese?" allows for common themes to become topics for discussion and individual interpretation. Who Moved My Cheese? takes the fear and anxiety out of managing the future and shows people a simple way to successfully deal with the changing times, providing them with a method for moving ahead with their work and lives safely and effectively.

If you use this box to shop, we will receive a small commission
on any purchase you make.   Support Chiropractic and the Org!


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