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Subluxation Complex Texts

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[Somatovisceral Aspects of Chiropractic]

Somatovisceral Aspects of Chiropractic:
An Evidence-Based Approach (Hardcover)

by Charles S. Masarsky

This book provides a wealth of clinical and scientific evidence on the whole-body implications of chiropractic care. The application of this evidence to practical aspects of clinical assessment, patient education and risk management will prove invaluable to students and practitioners alike. In this unique volume, bioclinical research and chiropractic philosophy are considered in relation to each other, not in opposition to each other.

[Chiropractic Theories]

The The Chiropractic Theories:
A Textbook of Scientific Research (Hardcover)

by Robert A Leach

For chiropractic practitioners and students, this book reviews the major theories of chiropractic. It reviews the philosophy, terminology, and history of the field; the pathophysiology of segmental dysfunction, the vertebral subluxation complex, and the spine; developmental aspects; and chiropractic research are among the topics. This third edition is more oriented towards clinical practice than the earlier editions in 1980 and 1986.

[Foundations of Chiropractic Subluxation]

Foundations of Chiropractic: Subluxation (Hardcover)

by Meridel I. Gatterman

Now updated in its 2nd edition, the first research-based book on this topic examines the direct link between joint dysfunction, the theories of its effects, and the clinical syndromes seen in clinical practice. Focusing on three facets of spinal subluxation the articular lesion, subluxation theories, and subluxation syndromes it explains the practical principles and the evidence-based research behind safe and effective chiropractic care. Scientific evidence is presented for indications and contraindications of subluxation, along with term definitions, basic science and anatomy, subluxation causes, radiographic evidence, manipulable and nonmanipulable subluxation, a theoretical model, and subluxation syndromes. Many of the most respected names in chiropractic have contributed chapters to this book and present the common ground of chiropractic in a logical and understandable manner.

[Principles and Practice of Chiropractic]

Principles and Practices of Chiropractic (Hardcover)

by Scott Haldeman

The volume is a product of the work of the leading authorities in the fields of history, neurophysiology, spinal biomechanics, sociology and clinical chiropractic.   Compiled as an overview text for undergraduate chiropractic students and introduction to the current principles and practices of chiropractic for members of other healing professions.

If you use this box to shop, we will receive a small commission
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