Sociodemographic characteristics of whiplash subjects in Quebec, 1987
Study Cohort MembersWhiplash OnlyWhiplash Plus Other InjuriesWhiplash Subjects Excluded from Study Cohort¥
% Female59.764.254.166.7
Age (mean ± SD*)34.7±13.135.3±12.634.1±13.636.3±13.8
% married or living with common-law spouse49.351.346.755.6
% with no dependents76.875.678.478.4
Employment status:
Employed full-time (F/T)30.445.046.939.9
Not employed F/T but capable of working**45.829.132.031.7
Other (students, disabled, minors)
Missing data20.122.716.825.4
Income ($)
Mean ± SD* for those with employment status15 66615 88115 41914 776
±10 768±11 026±10 464±11 054

¥ Excluded because they lacked a police collision report (n=1743)
* SD = standard deviation
** Includes home makers and part-time, casual, and volunteer workers