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Leo Kottke's CD's & Video
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Leo Kottke's CD's & Video

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[One_Guitar]   Home & Away   (1990)

This special 60-minute video features Leo's sold-out performance at the Bathurst St. Theatre in Toronto on May 7, 1988. Leo Kottke/Home & Away showcases Leo's live master guitar work on six-string, 12-string, and slide guitar. And for those fans who wonder what life is like in Leo's home town of Wayzata, Minnesota, Leo opens the door with a personal visit to some of his favorite spots: the Basement, the Garage, the Backyard, the Porch and Crystal Lake. Leo Kottke/Home & Away is pure Leo Kottke, filled with brilliant artistry and off-beat stories reflecting Leo's unique view of the world.

[6-_AND_12_STRING]   6- And 12-String Guitar   (1969)   The AMAZING Debut!!!

[Clone]   Sixty Six Steps   (2005)

[Clone]   Clone   (2002)    with Mike Gordon

[Best of Leo Kottke Beat Goes On]   Best of Leo Kottke [Beat Goes On]   (2002)

[Instrumentals]   Instrumentals: The Best of the Capitol Years   (????)

[Instrumentals]   Instrumentals: The Best of the Chrysalis Years   (????)

[One_Guitar]   One Guitar, No Vocals   (1999)

[Hear the Wind Howl]   Hear the Wind Howl [IMPORT]   (1998)

[THE_LEO_KOTTKE_ANTHOLOGY]   The Leo Kottke Anthology [BOX SET]   (1997)

[STANDING_IN_MY_SHOES]   Standing In My Shoes   (1997)

[LIVE]   Live   (1995)

[PECULIAROSO]   Peculiaroso   (1994)

[GREAT_BIG_BOY]   Traffic from Paradise   (1993)
Leo cowrote 2 songs on this Rickie Lee Jones alblum, and he plays on 5 of them!

[GREAT_BIG_BOY]   Great Big Boy   (1992)

[Essential Leo Kottke]   Essential Leo Kottke   (1991)

[THAT'S_WHAT]   That's What   (1990)

[MY_FATHER'S_FACE]   My Father's Face   (1989)

[REGARDS_FROM_CHUCK_PINK]   Regards From Chuck Pink   (1988)

[A_SHOUT_TOWARD_NOON]   A Shout Toward Noon   (1986)

[Time Step]   Time Step   (1983)

[Guitar Music]   Guitar Music   (1981)

[Live in Europe]   Live in Europe   (1980)

[Balance]   Balance [IMPORT]   (1979)

[Burnt Lips]   Burnt Lips   (1978)

[Leo Kottke]   Leo Kottke   (1976)

[CHEWING_PINE]   Chewing Pine 1975

[ICE_WATER]   Ice Water   (1974)

[JOHN_FAHEY_PETER_LANG_&_LEO_KOTTKE]   John Fahey/Peter Lang/Leo Kottke   (1974)

[DREAMS_AND_ALL_THAT_STUFF]   Dreams And All That Stuff   (1974)

[MY_FEET_ARE_SMILING]   My Feet Are Smiling   (1973)

[Greenhouse]   Greenhouse   (1972)

[MUDLARK]   Mudlark   (1971)


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