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This section was compiled by Frank M. Painter, D.C.
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I have finally moved my office to my hometown of La Grange.
Better yet, now my office is in my home!
If anyone needs to contact me, I can be found at:

Frank M. Painter, D.C.
@ Alternative Care Chiropractic
309 Bluff Ave, #1W
La Grange, IL   60525
(708)   352-8237

Welcome to my "Get ta know me!" page. This page is a chance to get to know about the LINKS-meister, alias the Frank-man. Actually, that's a good trick on-line! It's my hope that by sharing some of the things that I like, it may give the "LINKS-user's" a better idea of who I am and what I value.

One of my favorite hobbies (beside compiling the LINKS) is collecting music on videotape. I started collecting the music from Saturday Night Live, Tonite Show, Arsenio, and from various cable TV sources in 1984. To date I have over 95 tapes, filled with everything from AC/DC to's mostly rock 'n roll, but there's plenty of jazz mixed in too. Since DVD has caught on, I am now collecting music directly to disc.

Would you like to meet my favorite guitarist
Leo Kottke?

I would tape the whole Sat Nite Live, and then edit the music sections out later. I also collected some of my favorite comedy bits...such oddities as Dana Carvey's "Massive Headwound Harry", or Phil Hartman's "Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer", or Rich Hall's "Sniglets"...all genuine classics! If and when I can figure out how to translate video into a web format that doesn't take years to download, I'd LOVE to share those too!

Another passion for me is research. I started hanging out at our research center at Palmer when I was in 3rd tri. I read an article by Dr. Bob Wagnon (who was the Palmer research director at that time) about the "Chirolars" (now known as the MANTIS) data base; It had just been been donated to our research department for review. I asked him if I could check it out, and he graciously complied! Then I started "hanging-out" there, and making copies of articles I found of interest. Pretty soon I had struck up a relationship with 2 of the staff, Dr. Harry Wallace and Dr. Chuck Henderson. Later, I participated in 2 research projects in our clinics, and one in the research department, and I also was a work-study assistant for Harry Wallace. When I graduated, they granted me "research honors" for my participation in the 3 projects.   It was very cool.

I have continued to participate in the "Practice-based Research" projects (then managed by Cheryl Hawk, DC, PhD.), and received a "doctor-of-the-year" award from the research department at the 1997 Centennial of Education homecoming in Davenport. It now hangs proudly in my adjusting room.

That's why you will see ongoing announcements on the LINKS page about projects at Palmer...I would like to see more field DC's participate in projects. The more research is completed on chiropractic, the greater our credibility as the true alternative to allopathic care.

Check out the "logo" I use for my practice, Alternative Care Chiropractic Center. If you are interested, here's the bare bones of my new website (11-18-1999) for my clinic.

[ACC Logo]
Here's my newest business logo.

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