Table 1.  Costs applied in economic evaluation of treatments for patients with neck pain

Cost ()
Direct healthcare costs:
  General practitioner (<= 20 min visit)* 16.60
  Manual therapist (<= 45 min visit)dagger 25.90
  Physiotherapist (<= 30 min visit)* 18.15
  Outpatient appointment* 40.85
  Hospitalisation (per day)* 235.95
  Cesar or Mensendieck exercise therapist (per visit)* 17.70
  Professional home care (per hour)* 22.70
Direct non-healthcare costs:
  Alternative therapist (per visit)Dagger 27.20
  Home care (per hour)* 7.94
  Help from partner or friends (per hour)* 7.94
  Travel expenses (per km)* 0.11
Indirect costs:
  Absenteeism from paid work (per day)§ ---
  Absenteeism from unpaid work (per hour)* 7.94

1.00=£0.60, $0.90.
* Guideline price according to Dutch guidelines.13
dagger Tariff of Dutch Central Organisation for Health Care Charges.14
Dagger Price according to professional association.
§ Indirect costs for paid work calculated on basis of mean income of Dutch population according to age and sex.13