Table 4

Distribution of baseline values of potential effect modifiers within each intervention group

MT (N = 122)Non-MT (N = 116)
n % n %
SP six months before inclusion
 < =20% of time10384%8674%
 > 20% of time65%1614%
CMP six months before inclusion
 < =20% of time9880%8876%
 > 20% of time119%1412%
NRS baseline
 < =711191%10893%
 > 7119%87%
 High QOL11393%10389%
 Low QOL97%1210%
SP Spinal pain, CMP Co-occurring musculoskeletal pain, EoCC Expectation of the Clinical Course, NRS Numerical Rating Scale baseline pain intensity, KID Sum score from KIDScreen questionnaire on quality of life, QoL Quality of Life, MT Manipulative therapy, Non-MT non-manipulative therapy