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Table 2

Cluster maxima and their respective coordinates.

Cluster sizep(FWE)FMNI coordinates (mm)Brain region (AAL label)
a. Factorial analysis (ANOVA), average effect of condition, contrast “harmful activites > neutral activities”
91370.001218.63−54−682Left middle temporal gyrus (Temporal_Mid_L)
23170.001142.2548−642Right middle temporal gyrus (Temporal_Mid_R)
9270.001115.5624−5462Right superior parietal cortex (Parietal_Sup_R)
3060.00178.09−20066Left superior frontal gyrus (Frontal_Sup_L)
790.00177.88522210Right inferior frontal gyrus (Frontal_Inf_Tri_R)
80.00450.48−260−26Left amygdala (Amygdala_L)
b. Voxel-wise regression analysis, positive correlations with TSK score, contrast “harmful activites > neutral activities”
3490.0016.04−2420−22Left orbitofrontal cortex (Fontral_inf_Orb_L)
1940.0015.82−52−32−14Left middle temporal gyrus (Temporal_Mid_L)
3140.0015.81−4−3858Left postcentral gyrus (Precuneus_L)
790.0434.78−58−612Left rolandic operculum (Rolandic_Oper_L)
3390.0014.64−40−5634Left angular gyrus (Angular_L)
FWE, family-wise error;
MNI, Montreal Neurological Institute;
AAL, Automated Anatomical Labeling