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Table 1

Descriptive statistics for DC-treated LBP patients

Med Amount Paid76$40$5028$868$832
Indemnity Paid76$0$786$49$167
Gross Paid76$40$5051$933$858
Days First to Last7604455987
Days to Tx7605748
No. of Services7613897
Days to Close7629931133113
Med amount paid refers to treatment costs paid (in dollars) by insurance company; indemnity paid, total indemnity or compensation paid (in dollars) to patients; gross paid, total amount paid (in dollars) by insurance company; days first to last, number of days from first day of service to last day of service; days to tx, number of days it took for patient to get treatment after the injury; no. of services, total number of services provided by the health care provider; days to close, number of days it took for the case to close after first treatment.