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Table 3

Diagnostic Criteria for IFCIDS in the context of the patient presented (15)

IFCIDS Patient CharacteristicsPatient Characteristics
1–6 months of age (seen less frequently 7–12 months of age)Patient was 3 months of age
Gender: male predominant (60:40)Female gender
Paroxysmal fuss, cry patterns which are not easily consoledThe patient’s crying described as not easily consoled.
High intensity, piercing cries are commonCries are described as high-pitched sounds.
Crying peaks in evenings, but may occur throughout the day.Crying occurs throughout the day, particularly after feeding
Many episodes of crying as well as long bouts of cryingMany episodes and long bouts of crying
Feeding patterns: breast, formula or mixedFeeding difficulties: the patient was unable to make a complete seal
Feeding problems commonFeeding difficulties: the patient was unable to make a complete seal
“Pained faces” (facial grimaces) accompany cryingFacial grimacing accompany crying
Body unrest, flailing limbs, raised knees, clenched fists, arching postures, general irritabilityBody unrest described as “wiggling” during sleep and general irritability. The patient demonstrated arching posture.
Sleep disorders common (difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep)Difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep.