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Table 1

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Baseline demographics and self-reported variables for the intervention groups. Data are presented as mean and standard deviation unless otherwise indicated
ThrustNon-thrustP value
n = 75n = 37
Age (years)40.4±11.440.1±11.90.916
Gender (female) (%)52510.948
BMI (kg/m)27.5±4.726.5±3.90.297
Average pain (11-point numeric rating scale)5.3±1.25.1±1.30.440
Symptom duration (days)49.4±33.851.2±37.40.794
Oswestry disability index36.1±7.834.4±7.60.268
Number of previous episodes1.4±1.21.3±10.808
Proportion receiving workers compensation (%)9160.349
Believe manipulation will help63%52%0.407
Successful outcome by visit 5 (%)8419<0.001