Table 4

Summary of Evidence for Selected Complementary Health Approaches by Type of Pain - wait list, usual care, or routine care controls

ApproachBack painFibromyalgiaOAa of kneeNeck painSevere Headache/Migraine

Acupuncture2 positive trials?b2 positive trials? bOne positive trial

Massage therapy3 positive trials, one negative? b2 positive trials3 positive trials? b

Natural products supplements? b? b? b? b? b

Relaxation approaches? b4 positive trials? b? b4 positive trials

Spinal Manipulation4 positive trials, 3 negative? b? b? b? b

Osteopathic Manipulation2 positive trials, 2 negative? b? b? b? b

Tai Chi? b? b1 positive trial? b? b

Yoga4 positive trialsOne positive trial? b? b? b

a= Abbreviations:
OA = osteoarthritis

no U.S. RCT’s identified