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Table 1

Acupuncture points used, and Traditional Chinese Medicine reasons, to treat gallbladder channel obstruction and liver qi stagnation

GB 1, Tong ZiLocal Ashi point, relieve pain of headache, crossing point of SI and TW
GB 8, Shuai GuLocal Ashi point, treats migraines, meeting point of GB and BL meridians
GB 20, Feng ChiTreats headaches, clears heat and wind from the liver
GB 34, Yang Ling QuanLower He-Sea point
GB 43, Xia XiYing-Spring point, clears heat from GB meridian, treats headaches
BL 18, Gan ShuBack-Shu point of liver, regulates and nourishes liver blood, cools fires and clears damp heat
BL 19, Dan ShuBack-Shu point of gallbladder, resolves damp-heat from LV and GB, clears pathogenic factors from the shaoyang, tonifies and regulates GB Qi.
LV 8, QuguanNourishes the liver
LV 3, Tai ChongShu stream point. Opens the LV channel. Treats headaches and chronic pain obstruction, treats LV qi stagnation, calms the spirit, with LI 4 to effect flow of qi and blood in the body, resolving chronic painful obstruction.
LI 4, He GuAlleviates headache, with LV 3 to move qi and blood in the body, resolving stagnation causing pain
LV 5, Li GouLuo-connecting point, strengthen the liver
YintangLocal Ashi point, extra point to relieve headaches.
TW 5, WaiguanLuo-connecting point. Opens the GB channel. Relieve headaches and migraines.
H 7, Shen MenTonify deficiencies of qi, heart, and blood
PC 6, Nei GuanLuo-connection point, regulate qi and decrease pain
SI 3, Hou XiMaster point of GV, to diminish neck pain, alleviate dizziness
TaiyangExtra point, combined with TW 17 and GB 8 for migraines, key headache point
TW 17, Yi FengIntersection of TW and GB meridians, for migraines
SI = small intestine
TW = triple warmer
L = liver
GB = gallbladder.