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Table 2

Acupuncture points used, and Traditional Chinese Medicine reasons, to treat the blood deficiency

BL 17, Ge ShuInfluential point of blood, used with BL 19 to nourish blood, for scanty menstrual periods, dry and eczematous skin
BL 18, Gan ShuLiver Back-Shu point, for blood and qi stagnation and all LV issues, for stress
BL 19, Dan ShuGallbladder Back-Shu point, for tonifying blood, resolving damp heat in LV and GB
BL 20, Pi ShuBack-Shu point of spleen, for low energy, fatigue, low SP qi
BL 23, Shen ShuBack-Shu Point of kidney, tonification point for K, dysmenorrhea, fatigue
BL 52, Zhi ShiReinforce K Back-Shu
LI 4, He GuAlleviates headache, with LV 3 to move qi and blood in the body, resolving stagnation causing pain
LV 3, Tai ChongTreats LV qi stagnation, and LV qi rising, digestive issues from LV attacking ST/SP, alleviates menstrual pain from blood deficiency, headaches, calming point, with LI 4 to effect flow of qi and blood in the body
SP 10, Xue HaiTreats blood deficiency and invigorates blood
SP 6, SanyinjiaoIntersection of SP, LV and K, yin meridians of the leg. Tonify yin and blood, treats dizziness, dysmenorrhea
ST 36, ZusanliLower He-Sea point, tonify qi and blood
SP 4, Gong SunChong Mai master point coupled with PC 6, treats abdominal and gynecological issues due to stagnation of qi and blood
PC 6, Nei GuanYin Wei master point couple, alleviate pain, invert rebellious qi
K 3, Tai XiBuild kidney yin and yang
K 7, Fu LiuTonifies kidney yang
TW 6, ZhigouJing river point, harmonize lower, middle and upper Jiao
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