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Summary of results ‐ cognitive or behavioural interventions

RCTTrial ParticipantsInterventionsResults for adherence measuresResults for clinical outcomes

Asenlof 2005
(Moderate quality)
(n = 122)
I: Individually tailored behavioural medicine treatment
C: Physiotherapy exercise
NSDPain: SD (I > C)
Function: SD (I > C)

Bernaards 2007
(Moderate quality)
(n = 466)
I1: Work style (WS) group
I2: Work Style & Physical Activity group
C: Usual care
NSDPain: NSD ‐ 6 months, SD (I1 > C, 12 months)
Function: NSD

Cohen 1983
(Low quality)
(n = 36)
I: Behavioural therapy
C: Physiotherapy
NSDPain: SD (I > C)
Function: NSD

Jensen 2001
(Moderate quality)
Spinal Pain
(n = 214)
I1: Behaviour orientated physiotherapy
I3: Combined treatment
C: Waiting list
NSD ‐ attendance & adherence to lifestyle treatment plans (SD for males only)QoL: SD (I2, I3 > C, 18 months)

Smeets 2006
(Moderate quality)
(n = 227)
I1: Active physical treatment
I3: Combined treatment
C: Waiting list
NSDPain: SD (I1 > C, I2 > C, I3 > C) ‐ VAS. NSD‐ PRI‐T
Function: SD (I1 > C, I2 > C, I3 > C)
Soderlund 2001
(Moderate quality)
(n = 33)
I1: Regular primary care physiotherapy
I2: Physiotherapy including CBT
SD (I2 > I1)Pain: NSD

Veenhof 2006
(High quality)
Hip or Knee OA
(n = 200)
I: Behavioural graded activity
C: Physiotherapy usual care
SD (I > C) ‐ adherence to home exercises
Pain: NSD
Function: NSD

* Comparisons are for all time points unless otherwise stated

Explanatory notes:

NSD ‐ No significant difference between groups
SD ‐ Significant difference between groups
I1 > I2 ‐ result in intervention group I1 better than intervention group I2
I > C ‐ result in intervention group I better than in control group C
I1+I2 > C ‐ combined results from intervention groups I1 and I2 better than control group C
I1vC ‐ intervention group I1 compared with control group C

List of abbreviations used in the tables

ASMP = Arthritis Self Management Programme, AIMS = Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales, ASE = Arthritis Self‐Efficacy Scale, C = control group, CBT = Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EQ‐5D = EuroQol health‐related quality of life measure, FAST = Fitness Arthritis and Seniors Trial, GP = General Practitioner, HAQ = Health Assessment Questionnaire, Hr = hours, I = Intervention group, K‐WOMAC = Korean version of Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Index, LBP = low back pain, Max = maximum, Mins = minutes, OA = osteoarthritis, PDI = Pain Disability Index, QoL = quality of life, QOLS = Quality of Life Survey, RA = rheumatoid arthritis, RMDQ = Roland and Morris Disability Questionnaire, SF‐12 = The Short Form 12 Health Survey, SF‐36 = Medical Outcomes Study 36‐item Short Form Scales, SF‐MPQ= Short‐Form McGill Pain Questionnaire, TENS = Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, VAS = Visual Analogue Scale, WOMAC = Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Index.