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Appendix 1

Figure 6

Criteria list for assessment of methodological quality of review articles, with weights applied

Study selection (30)
A. Description of inclusion and exclusion criteria 10
B. Search strategy 10
C. Emphasis on randomised controlled trials (RCTs) 10

Methodological quality assessment (20)
D. Assessment of the validity RCTs 12
E. Number of reviewers 4
F. Blinding of reviewer(s) 2
G. Agreement of reviewer(s) 2

Intervention (15)
H. Description of intervention(s) 8
I. Description of control intervention(s) 7

Data presentation (20)
J. Outcome presentation 14
K. Statistical pooling 3
L. Discussion power of negative RCTs 3

Evaluation (15)
M. Overall conclusion 5
N. Discussion of heterogeneity of RCTs and outcomes 10

Assendelft et al 1995
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