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Chapter 3

Principal Recommendations
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Diagnostic Triage
Use of X-Rays
Drug Therapy
Bed Rest
Advice on Staying Active
Back Exercises



Psychosocial factors


Recommendations Evidence

Psychosocial factors

Assessment should include psychological, occupational and socioeconomic factors in the patientís life since such non-physical factors can complicate both assessment and treatment.

Management and the advice given to patients should consider and allow for psychosocial factors that can affect outcomes and the chance of developing chronicity.

Psychological, social and economic factors play an important role in chronic low back pain and disability.
Psychosocial factors are important at a much earlier stage than previously believed.
Psychosocial factors influence a patientís response to treatment and rehabilitation.
A number of clinical features are risk factors for developing chronic pain and disability.
Psychosocial features are more important risk factors for chronicity than biomedical symptoms and signs.
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