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Charts and Algorithms

Reproduced and Adapted with Permission from the Clinical Standards Advisory Group Report on Back Pain

In 1994 the U.K. Clinical Standards Advisory Group reviewed the evidence on epidemiology, effectiveness of interventions and costs of back pain. Proposals were made on the appropriate configuration of local services. Within the report the CSAG back pain group published a number of Figures relating to the clinical care of people with acute back pain. Many observers have recognised the value of these Figures in contributing to an understanding of back pain management. Because of this recognition they have been reproduced here as Figures 1-5, with minor amendments as a result of reviewers’ comments.

List of Figures

  1. Diagnostic Triage including 'Red Flags'
  2. Biopsychosocial Assessment
  3. Risk Factors for Chronicity
  4. Diagnostic Triage Flow Chart
  5. Primary Care Management of Simple Backache
  6. Appendix:
    Criteria List for Assessment of Methodological
    Quality of Review Articles



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