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Chapter 2

Evidence Review

There is evidence against the following treatments

Narcotics for more than two weeks (CSAG 1994)

Benzodiazepines (diazepam) for more than two weeks (CSAG 1994)

Colchicine (AHCPR 1994)

Systemic Steroids (AHCPR 1994)

Bed rest with traction (CSAG 1994)

Manipulation under general anaesthesia (CSAG 1994)

Plaster jacket (CSAG 1994)

Plaster jacket (CSAG 1994)

There is no evidence that a plaster jacket is an effective treatment for acute low back pain or sciatica. It may cause spinal stiffness, muscle wasting, plaster sores and respiratory complications. It has major psychosocial impacts.
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