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   Reimbursement for Treating Crash Victims: Deconstructing the Objections
       May 1, 2013

   Conservative vs. Surgical Care of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
       February 26, 2012

   Journal Bias: Obvious and Occult
       September 9, 2011

   Follow-Up in Study Design: How Much Is Enough?
       May 6, 2011

   Managing Motor-Vehicle Trauma: A 2011 Status Report, Part 2
       February 12, 2011

   Managing Motor-Vehicle Trauma: A 2011 Status Report, Part 1
       January 29, 2011

   Key Software for Medicolegal (and Practice) Settings
       November 4, 2010

   Is Advice Alone Adequate for the Management of Neck Pain?
       August 26, 2010

   Biomechanically Correct Terms in Medical Writing
       May 6, 2010

   Biomechanics: The Swiss Army Knife of Forensic Evaluation
       March 12, 2010

   Study Confirms Flaws in Standard MVC Defense Strategy
       January 15, 2010

   The Biomechanics of Spondylolysis, Part 2
       November 18, 2009

   The Biomechanics of Spondylolysis, Part 1
       September 23, 2009

   Applications of Biomechanics in the Forensic Assessment of Injury
       April 22, 2009

   Thinking Beyond the Chiropractic Table: Put Your Expertise
       to Work in the Courtroom

        February 26, 2009

   Non-Dermatomal Findings, Differential Straight-Leg-Raising Tests
       and Other Waddell Signs

        October 7, 2008

   Matters of the Human Intervertebral Disc and Spinal Column
       in the Forensic Context

        August 12, 2008

   Modic Changes on MRI Studies
       June 17, 2008

   Hot Off the Press:
       AMA’s Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 6th Edition

        April 22, 2008

   Critical New Developments in the Safety and Efficacy of
       Chiropractic Treatment, Part II

        February 26, 2008

   Critical New Developments in the Safety and Efficacy of
       Chiropractic Treatment, Part I

        January 1, 2008

   New Research, the AMA Guides, the Cervical Spine
       DRE-IV and Ligamentous Subfailure

        December 3, 2007

   American Families, Auto Safety and the Role of the Health Care Practitioner
       October 8, 2007

   Whiplash Quiz: Test Your Knowledge
       August 13, 2007

   Risk Analysis: The Skill Set That Sets You Apart
       June 18, 2007

   Utilization Review Strategies: Is the Current System Fair to All?
       April 23, 2007

   Booster Seats: Why Go on Killing Our Children?
       February 26, 2007

   Trends in Personal Injury: Whither the Future?
       November 8, 2006

   Uncertainty Analysis in a Forensic Practice, Part Two
       September 14, 2006

   Uncertainty Analysis in a Forensic Practice, Part One
       July 30, 2006

   Crash Severity and Injury Risk: A New Study Provides the Definitive Answer
       March 26, 2006

   The New Nomenclature of the Spine
       February 13, 2006

   Finding Golden Needles Lost in the Biomedical Literature Haystack
       January 1, 2006

   The Expert Witness and the Daubert Challenge
       September 14, 2005

   Frontal Crash Tests at Low Velocities: Can Injuries to Volunteers Result?
       July 16, 2005

   Writing Rebuttals to the Reports of Auto Crash
       Reconstructionists and Biomechanical Engineers

        May 21, 2005

   Pituitary Dysfunction After Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
       March 26, 2005

   How Do You Rate as a Forensic Expert?
       November 30, 2004

   "No Crash - No Cash": Another Decade of Duplicity? Three Recent Cases
       October 21, 2004

   Intervertebral Disc Pathology: It's Relevance in Forensic Medicine
       September 13, 2004

   Developing Models and Changing Paradigms in CAD Trauma
       July 29, 2004

   The Evolution of Medical Decision-Making:
       A Case Study in Emergency-Room Cervical Radiology

        May 6, 2004

   The Newest Trends in the Medicolegal World: A Survival Guide
       February 12, 2004

   Testifying on the Subject of Permanent Injury From MVC: Whose Domain?
       November 3, 2003

   Spinal Manipulation: Important New Data on Risks
       June 30, 2003

   Intervertebral Discs as a Source of Pain: Is Our Current Model Valid?
       May 19, 2003

   Guidelines and Gridlines Revisited
       April 21, 2003

   Are You Ready for the New World of Medlegal? Take the Acid Test
       February 24, 2003

   CAD: Common Questions and Answers
       January 14, 2003

   Can You Gauge Injury Risk or Severity From the Amount of
       Vehicular Property Damage in Motor Vehicle Crashes

       December 16, 2002

   Challenges to Testimony You Should Understand
       October 21, 2002

   Notable Observations from Three Years of Human-Subject Crash Testing
       August 16, 2002

   Avoidable Phraseology for Medicolegal Writing
       July 1, 2002

   CAD Quiz #6
       June 3, 2002

   Writing the History
       April 8, 2002

   The One Strategy for Preserving the Landscape
       March 11, 2002

   Late Whiplash: The Controversy of Organic vs. Biopsychosocial Models
       January 14, 2002

   Chiropractic Care for Acute Whiplash Patients
       January 1, 2002

   CAD Guidelines: We Have Them; Let's Use Them
       Results of a Preliminary Practice Survey

        November 19, 2001

   Relative Risks in Children and Small Females in Trauma: What Have We Learned?
July 30, 2001

   Time: Critical Factors in Injury Risk, Part I
       April 9, 2001

   Crash Partners: Death Risk Based on Relative Vehicle Masses, Sizes, and Types
       March 12, 2001

   The Risk of Injury for Children Exposed to Whiplash Trauma
       December 14, 2000

   The New Model of Whiplash, Part I
       January 12, 1999

   The New Model of Whiplash, Part II
       January 26, 1999

   CAD Quiz Number 4
       May 1, 2000

   CAD Quiz Number 5
       May 29, 2000

   Scientific Writing: Discriminating Good from Bad

  Part I:   General Considerations
       September 24, 1993

  Part II:   Surveys
       October 22, 1993

  Part III:   Assignment, Assessment, and Analysis in Experimental Studies
       November 19, 1993

  Part IV:   Interpretation and Extrapolation of Experimental Studies
       December 17, 1993

  Part V:   Sensitivity and Predictive Value
       January 14, 1994
   Trauma, Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis
       June 26, 2000

   Of Foxes and Hen Houses
       July 24, 2000

   Help! I'm Going to Court!
       August 18, 2000

   CRASH 2000: Human Volunteer Low and Moderate Speed Crash Testing
       September 18, 2000

   Long-Term Consequences of Whiplash: Allergy; Breathing, Digestive
       and Cardiovascular Disorders; Hypertension and Low Back Pain

        October 16, 2000

   CRASH 99: The First Full-Scale Human Volunteer Crash Tests for Chiropractic
       October 18, 1999

   Effectiveness of Chiropractic Management in Chronic CAD Cases
       December 15, 1999

   Making the Case against Late Whiplash
       March 6, 2000

   Problems in Auto Crash Reconstruction
       February 8, 1999

   Evidence and Admissibility: What Gets in and What Doesn't
       April 5, 1999

   Practical Auto Crash Reconstruction in LOSRIC   Practical Auto Crash Reconstruction in LOSRIC, Part I
       May 31, 1999

  Part II
       June 28, 1999

  Part III
       July 26, 1999

  Part IV
       August 23, 1999

  Part V
       September 20, 1999
   The SCL-90-R in Clinical Application
       May 3, 1999

   Of Guidelines and Gridlines
       April 20, 1998

   Whiplash Injury Threshold: New Lower Speed Defined
       March 23, 1998

   Late Whiplash Syndrome: a Disease of the Psyche?
       January 1, 1998

   Report from the International Whiplash Conference in Bristol
       November 17, 1997

   Whiplash Quiz: Test Your Knowledge
       August 11, 1997

   Crash Test Researcher Barred From Testifying in Auto Accident
       July 14, 1997

   The Ugly Stepchild of Personal Injury
       June 16, 1997

   Physical Medicine Research Foundation Holds 8th Int'l Symposium
       December 4, 1995

   Low-speed Rear Impact Collisions (LoSRICs) : Epidemiological Analysis
       November 6, 1995

   Excessive Medical Claims for Automobile Personal Injuries: the RAND Report
       June 19, 1995

   Advanced Imaging: What Shortcomings?
       January 30, 1995

   Traumatic Disc Injury and the Acceleration of Disc Disease and Spondylosis
       January 2, 1995

   Low-Speed Rear Impact Collision: Conference of the Society of
       Automotive Engineers: A Synopsis

        September 23, 1994

   Legal Pitfalls and Counterstrategies: Depositions
       July 1, 1994

   MRI with Contrast: What's New?
       June 3, 1994

   "Chief Complaints" in Narrative Reports
       May 6, 1994

   Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries After Motor Vehicle Accidents
       March 11, 1994

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