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Table 1

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Summary of Nonmechanical Causes of Neck and Back Pain

ConditionAverage Age at DiagnosisClinical PresentationLocation in BodyPresentation in Vertebral Body
Metastasis50-701Night pain, weight loss, cachexiaAnyLytic or blastic destruction

Multiple myeloma60-701Widespread bone pain, fatigueAxial skeletonPunched-out lytic lesions

Plasmacytoma501Focal bone pain, possible neurologic compromiseAxial skeletonBubbly, expansile lytic destruction

Lymphoma10-601Lymphadenopathy, fever, night sweatsLymph nodes, spleenLytic or blastic destruction

Eosinophilic granuloma10-201Local pain, tenderness, and swellingAxial skeleton, especially the skullLytic destruction leading to flattening (vertebra plana)

Spondylodiscitis/infection5-201Fever, swelling, palpable massIntervertebral discsEndplate destruction

Osteoblastoma10-301Focal bone pain sometimes reduced by aspirinPosterior elements of spineBubbly, lytic destruction