Menopause Symptoms: Success without Hormones

Menopause Symptoms: Success without Hormones

This section is compiled by Frank M. Painter, D.C.
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Arztliche Praxis 1983;   35:   1946-1947

Daiber W.

An account is given of an open study with 36 women who by reason of climacteric complaints had been treated with the phytotherapeutic preparation Remifemin® (a Cimicifuga racemosa aka black cohosh preparation). All women either showed contraindications to a hormone therapy or wished to be treated with a hormone-free preparation. The decrease of the total values of the menopause index after Kupperman was highly significant, and so was the improvement of the most frequent individual symptoms of the climacteric syndrome. Also highly significant under Remifemin® therapy was the change of the clinical global impression measured by means of the CGI scale. No side effects or incompatibility reactions were observed during the twelve weeks of administration.


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