Effect of Zinc Supplementation in Fracture Healing

Effect of Zinc Supplementation
in Fracture Healing

This section is compiled by Frank M. Painter, D.C.
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FROM:   Anaesthesist 1975 (Aug;   24 (8):   329342

In the present experimental study, 36 rabbits were subjected to fracture of the of the fibula and were treated in 3 groups viz., Control group, Zinc sulphate supplemented group and Zinc sulphate vit. C. + Methandienone supplemented group. Each group consisted of 12 rabbits. After roentgenological, macroscopic and histological examination of healing of fractures of weekly intervals, it was concluded that the Zinc supplementation to an appreciable extent enhanced the process of bone healing which could be further hastened by addition of Vitamin C and Dianabol. No significant toxic or side effect of zinc supplementation was observed in any of the rabbits. A clinical trial of the same drugs was also conducted in patients with fractures of the shaft of the femur.

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