Cerebral Arteritis Following
Methylphenidate Use

This section is compiled by Frank M. Painter, D.C.
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FROM:   J Child Neurol 2000;   15 (4) Apr:   265–267

Schteinschnaider A, Plaghos LL, Garbugino S, Riveros D,
Lazarowski A, Intruvini S, Massaro M.

Neuropediatric Department,
Neurological Research Institute Raul Carrea,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Stroke is a well–documented complication of amphetamine abuse. Methylphenidate, chemically and pharmacologically similar to amphetamines, is widely used in the treatment of attention deficit disorder in children. The possibility of vasculitis connected to methylphenidate should not be surprising. A case is reported of stroke associated with ingestion of methylphenidate in an 8–year–old boy. Family history was negative and other causes of vasculitis were excluded. We draw your attention to the risk of using methylphenidate for a long period of time.

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