(1) Commentary: Holism, Alternative Medicine, and Why Chiropractic Embraces It The inability to differentiate "classical" holism from "contemporary" holism
[8 Oct 97]

(2) Inquiry into Chiropractic Theory: Sorting Myth from Mysticism: Touch as an Illusion
[2 Jan 99]
(3) Editorial: Vertebral Subluxation Complex and Functional Spinal Lesions: Differentiation and the Search for Mechanisms of Action
[Jan 99]
(4) Science: When does reducibility phase into consciousness? At what point is consciousness transitional / translational of reducible phenomenon, experientially transistional and contextually translatable; when does consciousness enter in?
[3 Jan 2000]
(5) Commentary: Philosophy/Research: Are chiropractors asking the right questions? How to demonstrate that muscle testing and leg length inequality may be an illusion.
[19 Aug 2000]
(6) The Tower of Babel: Communication and Medicine An Essay on Medical Education and Complementary-Alternative Medicine Editor's Review & Commentary: Virgil Seutter, D.C.
[3 Dec 2000]
(7) Mapmaker, mapmaker, where's the topography in a complex system? Why, in the pattern, of course, and it's all mathematics.
[20 May 2001]
(8) Commentary: Chiropractic: Is there more to chiropractic than just the subluxation?
[17 Jan 2002]
(9) Question: Is chiropractic theory lacking by not including biological computation? Biological computation: Amazing algorithms
[20 Apr 2002]
(10) Commentary: Will Chiropractors Ever Learn? Can the philosophy ever be challenged?
[18 Aug 2002]
(11) Commentary: How does neuroethics translate into neurophilosophy? And where does chiropractic philosophy fit in?
[25 Aug 2002]
(12) Education Science, Chiropractic, and the Future: Connectivity
[28 Nov 2002)]

(13) Commentary: Chiropractic Theory: Outdated concepts in subluxation theory
(9 apr 2003)
(14) Commentary: Expect the Appearance of More and Diverse Techniques in the Future of Chiropractic
(23 jul 2005)

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