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In a rat model it was found that melatonin administration caused a 2-fold rise in glutathione peroxi...

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October 22, 2016
Chiro Org Site Map
Welcome to Chiro.org - the best Chiropractic website for news and information! If your browser does not show you drop down menus at the top of the page, you can navigate our web site using the site map.

Review Our Extensive LINKS Sectionnew

Most Links pages point at materials on someone else's website.
Chiro.Org's LINKS Section is different! As early as 1997, the LINKS was collecting abstracts and Full-text articles onto our own server. Over the years, most of those materials have coalesced into topical pages, which now gather related materials into one convenient referenced location. Our Low Back Pain Page and the Whiplash page are just 2 examples.   Here are some of our newest additions:
The LINKS Section can be found up top, on the tan toolbar.

Have You Been Following Our Blog Lately?

  • A Cross-sectional Analysis of Clinical Outcomes Following Chiropractic Care in Veterans With and Without Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.   This study was a cross-sectional analysis of clinical outcomes for 130 veteran patients with neck They found that patients with PTSD (n = 21) experienced significantly lower levels of improvement than those without PTSD (n = 119) on self-reported outcome measures of neck and low back disability. These findings, coupled with the theorized relationships between PTSD and chronic pain, suggest that the success of conservative forms of management for veteran patients with musculoskeletal disorders may be limited by the presence of PTSD.

  • Assessment of Chiropractic Treatment for Active Duty, U.S. Military Personnel With Low Back Pain.   This new clinical trial, registered with ClinicalTrials.gov will track the results of treating 750 active duty Military Personnel at 3 locations: the Naval Medical Center San Diego, California (NMCSD), the Naval Hospital Pensacola, Florida (NHP), and the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC), Bethesda, Maryland.

  • 3 new articles titled: “Sophisticated Research Design in Chiropractic and Manipulative Therapy”.   The pre-eminence of the randomised controlled trial (RCT), considered by many as the gold-standard of evidence, has led some authors to go so far as to functionally disregard all evidence that is not an RCT. However, it is readily apparent the RCT is not always the most appropriate study design to gather evidence, especially in the CAM health sector. This paper discusses the role of sophisticated design in quantitative chiropractic research, presenting examples sequentially through the traditional quantitative hierarchy and concludes that optimal methodology depends on the research question.

  • Effect of Spinal Manipulation on Pelvic Floor Functional Changes in Pregnant and Nonpregnant Women.   This study showed that spinal manipulation of pregnant women in their second trimester appears to relax the pelvic floor muscles (PFMs) at rest, as reflected by an increase in levator hiatus area measured with translabial 3D ultrasonography. No changes occurred postmanipulation in the nonpregnant control group; thus, the changes seen in the pregnant group may be due to the hormonal changes of pregnancy. This relaxation of the levator ani muscles seen with spinal manipulation may mean that spinal manipulation could be of benefit to pregnant women’s vaginal delivery by aiding the relaxation of their PFMs if this does not occur naturally for them.

  • There Will Never Be Enough Research To Satisfy Our Critics.   For those who may have forgotten, or for those who never knew, organized medicine spent decades and tens of millions of dollars trying to discredit and destroy chiropractic. Today, the vestiges of that same oppression is still found on fringe web sites that ignore the body of peer-reviewed research supporting chiropractic care.

The Medicare Section

  • The Medicare Section recently added a whole series of research articles explaining on how chiropractic care reduces the cost, and improved the health outcomes in Medicare patients.

    • A new JMPT study shows that chiropractic care can reduce the reliance on Opioid Use in younger Medicare beneficiaries.

    • Another new JMPT study details how chiropractic care improves outcomes and reduces health care costs for older Medicare patients with Chronic Low Back Pain.

    The MEDICARE Section can be found on the TOOLS drop-down.

The Pediatrics Section

The PEDIATRICS Section can be found on the CAM drop-down.

The Chiropractic Research Section

The CHIROPRACTIC RESEARCH Section can be found on the RESEARCH drop-down.

The Documentation Section

The DOCUMENTATION Section can be found on the TOOLS drop-down.

The Nutrition Section

The NUTRITION Section can be found on the CAM drop-down.

The Chiro Org Image Archive

  • Pay a visit to our archive of chiropractic images and clipart. It's easy to download and import these images into web pages, office brochures or Powerpoint presentations. Have any images to share? Let us know!

The Chiro Org Image Archive can be found on ARCHIVE drop-down.

Chiropractic and Chronic Neck Pain

  • A recent balanced article in the Feb 13, 2008 issue of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) revealed that between 1997 and 2005, the costs for “standard medical management” of spinal pain syndromes (both neck and back) increased by an inflation-adjusted 65%, while measured outcomes for physical functioning, work or school limitations, and social limitations among adult actually declined! During this same period, there was also an overall increase in the number of individuals who experienced neck or back pain (from 20.7% to 24.7%).

  • However, during this same time period, the inclusion of a chiropractic benefit within a large managed care program (observed over a 4-year period) resulted in significant savings, as well as a reductions in the rates of surgery, and unnecessary use of advanced imaging, inpatient care, and plain-film radiographs.

The Chiropractic Assistant Section

  • The Chiropractic Assistant Page contains interesting and useful articles on billing and coding, patient education, CA training, practice management, and personal and practice growth.

The CHIROPRACTIC ASSISTANT Section can be found on the TOOLS drop-down.

The New DCs Section

  • The New DC section is dedicated to providing information for new and established chiropractors, to begin, maintain and run a smooth, productive chiropractic practice.

  • There are new practice building chapters from Dr. Richard C. Schafer's best-selling textbook “Developing A Chiropractic Practice” and “The Chiropractic Assistant”.

The New DC Section can be found on the Chiropractic Tools drop-down.

The Chiropractic Vertebral Subluxation Complex

  • Enjoy this extensive collection of articles about the Chiropractic Subluxation. This page was recently subdivided into separate sections, including the current theories and definitions of the VSC, and articles discussing the various components of the VSC, including the anatomic, neurologic, and degenerative components, followed by a historical review of the evolution of the VSC theory.

Are German Orthopedic Surgeons Killing People With Chiropractic?

  • I present for your review an abstract from the Journal of Neurology. This abstract blatantly conceals the facts stated in the body of the paper when it states that “we describe 36 patients with vertebral artery dissections and prior chiropractic neck manipulation”.

  • When I read that sentence, I am led to believe that “real-live chiropractors” (meaning licensed Doctors of Chiropractic, who received their training at a CCE/WCCE accredited school) were the ones to provide the “chiropractic neck manipulation”.

  • Unfortunately, that couldn't be further from the truth!

You can review many other articles like this at our Stroke and Chiropractic Page.

The Safety of Chiropractic

  • You will enjoy the Safety of Chiropractic Page, which discusses significant research demonstrating that chiropractic is the safest approach available (compared with the standard medical management approach) for the relief of neck pain, back pain, headaches and other “musculo–skeletal” complaints. This page also reviews how modern medicine manufactured the Myth that chiropractic care is dangerous.

The Alt-Med Abstracts Collection

The ALT-MED ABSTRACTS Section can be found on the CAM drop-down.

The Acupuncture Section

  • A newly acquired FULL TEXT article titled The Neuroimmune Basis of Anti-inflammatory Acupuncture proposes that the anti-inflammatory power of acupuncture may be more successful for the treatment of a number of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases than standard medical management.

  • In a second study, reviewing who uses acupuncture, and for what purpose, in a group of 9408 acupuncture patients, 74% of patients were female. The most common main complaint reported was musculo-skeletal (38%), followed by psychological (11%), general (9%), neurological (8%) and gynaecological/obstetric (8%), while 5% of patients were seeking treatment for their general well-being. Read about this in the Articles section. Learn more about this ancient healing technique.

  • This section links to acupuncture journals, information websites, and also contains numerous research articles.

The ACUPUNCTURE Section can be found on the CAM drop-down.

The Free Rehabilitation Monographs Section

  • All the Monographs have being updated with “hot links” (a.k.a “anchored” links) to make it easier to navigate through these remarkable articles.   Dr. Richard C Schafer donated this collection of rehabilitation monographs to our website, to share with our profession.   You will find them of great value!   "RC" was the first chiropractor to be published by a medical publication house (Williams & Wilkins) and even 14 years after his death, RC still remains our profession's most published author.

The R.C. SCHAFER Section can be found on the ARCHIVES drop-down.

The Case Study Section

  • This section will continue to collect relevant case studies published in the peer-reviewed literature. Interested in sharing a case study with the profession on our website? Here's an outline for your use.

The CASE REPORTS Section can be found on RESEARCH drop-down.

The Radiology Section

The RADIOLOGY Section can be found on the TOOLS drop-down.

We are Street Legal!

  • Chiro.Org turned 21 years old this March! (2016).   We remain the oldest existing chiropractic website!   When Ed Merrifield registered the Chiro.Org domain, there were less than 10,000 websites on the whole Planet.   To celebrate, last year we donated $2500 towards chiropractic research.

  • This is our 15th year supporting chiropractic research with half of our yearly income.   We want to thank our webmasters (volunteers all!) and our Sponsors for making this website possible!

Read the rest of our Announcements now!.

Early Life Infections Improve the Function of the Immune System

  • This collection of medical citations presented by Dan Murphy, DC demonstrates that early exposure to antibiotic use and Pertussis vaccination contribute to the development of atopic disorders such as asthma, and hay fever, and may also be associated with the onset of pediatric lymphoblastic leukemia. Our thanks to Harrison Chiropractic Biophysics Seminars and the American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic for releasing this article exclusively at Chiro.Org!

Computers In Your Office

  • Come learn about the parts of your computer, how to upgrade with new parts or software, or you can even very cost-effectively build your own box from scratch.   It's easier than you can imagine!

The COMPUTERS Section can be found on the TOOLS drop-down.

The Chiropractic Antitrust Suit ~ Wilk vs. the AMA

For those who have forgotten, and for those who never ever knew, Organized Medicine spent decades and millions of dollars trying to discredit and destroy chiropractic.   Today, the vestiges of this suppression are still found on fringe web sites that ignore the body of peer-reviewed research supporting chiropractic care.   Explore the depths of Organized Medical arrogance in this in-depth review of the Wilk case.

The Wilk Case can be found on ARCHIVE drop-down.

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